Hey good people! You all know I love to share resourceful tidbits.

Well it’s #BackToSchool season, and as you know, I have 3 children, 2 of which will be starting school in just a few weeks. I must admit that I was frazzled with trying to get all of the essentials to get them off to a great start this school year! I’ve been so busy with work, family, and ministry that I honestly didn’t realize how much I HAD N0T gotten done!

While mentally going in circles, planning how I could accomplish getting school supplies, vaccines, back packs, printing and paper supplies, separate keys made, and school lunches, I was introduced to an amazing shopping center that answered ALL my prayers. You hear me?! ALL!

Whether you’re looking for food options your children will actually eat or durable backpacks your kids won’t destroy by the first day, The Market At Springwoods Village is a great one-stop-shop for you hardworking mamas.

For instance, I personally fancied the deli section at the Kroger’s , because if you’re like me, the “grab and go” mom, you mentally plan a quick and easy lunch that will have your kids coming home with an empty lunch box. I’m all for convenience especially when shopping with a toddler.

While there, my oldest son, Ethan, checked out the school supply options, backpacks and grabbed a lunch box. Austin, being my Austin, insisted on picking out his own backpack. I guess he’ll take his to daycare, and God knows what random items he might fill it with.

Lastly, a quick stop by the Kroger pharmacy, finished us off with vaccines!

On your way out, I’m pretty sure you’re tired from all the pulls and tugs to buy this or that, so get a Venti Latte Macchiato from Starbucks as you head to your next adventure.

We then walked a few doors down and saw the wonderful folks at Postal Annex. Trust me, you want to stop by their cute little shop. With it being the onset of the school year, many moms are trying to keep their kids from loosing their backpacks, and a perfect way to remedy that is to create name tags to attach to your kiddos backpacks.

Postal Annex is the perfect stop for that! They laminate, print, and make copies as well. You can make their name tags yourself! When the holidays roll around, you can pick up gifts for your kids’ teachers at the cutest little gift section where they sell 3D gift cards. It was pretty neat! There are several other services such as faxing, notary, shipping to take care of your own day-to-day needs.

After knocking out the most important tasks, it was time for us to clean our boys up a bit, so our next stop was a quick visit to Supercuts.

While Ethan sat in the chair, there was a place for Austin to hang out and play with the other kids, while my husband and I took a breather.

I must admit, walking through The Market at Springwoods Villages’s large shopping center will be sure to work up an appetite! We were able to hang out with the awesome Chick-fil-A family in the same strip center, and they treated us like royalty, but then again, what Chick-fil-A doesn’t?

We had a BLAST! We came at the perfect time: it was that Chick-fil-A’s 2 year anniversary! They had well known cartoon characters to dance with he kiddos and plenty of prizes for them to enjoy! Austin finally got to meet SpongeBob (he’s definitely not my favorite, if you ask me) and Peppa Pig, and even made new friends!

The Market at Springwoods Village was an answered prayer from heaven for this busy mama! It’s the perfect place to knock out a large chunk of your #BackToSchool shopping in one go! Check them out, and mention I referred you! Who knows, you might get a discount. Happy Shopping from the Bush Family!

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