MARRIED LIFE #quarantined

MARRIED LIFE #quarantined

Marriage Life in Quarantine

Remembering when going out to dinner was an option…..just US ♥️ @jbandthefam (with 3 kiddos we don’t get them often) #datenight  
Now with being on #quarantine we are finding creative ways to spend time with one another. Most of that time consists of cooking together, walking around the park, praying together, studying God’s word and just expressing what we feel God is doing in this season in our lives. 

Being married almost 17 years is something I’m grateful for. To have someone that I KNOW loves God, is comforting to me, because I know he will constantly be dedicated to loving me. I vow to do the same. Marriage is a journey…but with God, it is a beautiful one.

Even in hard times. 
Date nights are my fave. Unfortunately we can’t go out to dinner but we are certainly enjoying “dating” at home even through all of this chaos. Cherish your spouses. Talk to them, hear them out, serve them, love them, find things to do that you both can enjoy, enjoy this time with them.  Don’t take your time together for granted. 

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