Confidence is something that I struggled with most of my life. I honestly didn’t know my worth or even believe that I was worthy of the things that I desired. I didn’t realize this was an issue until here recently. I grew up in a loving home with both parents. I was nourished, taught the word of God and I even saw righteousness exemplified in our home. Where did this lack of confidence come from? ⠀


When I got married I noticed something. When my husband would say I was beautiful….I did not believe him. When he said that he liked something I did, there was a barrier of disbelief in my heart. This was even the case with my belief in God and his love for me. I never understood this. I prayed and cried and asked God what this was? It wasn’t until recently that I connected the dots on something that helped me understand…..why this may have been the case.

You see my father is blind, for many of you that do not know. He has been blind all of my life. My mother and father were married for 30 years when she suddenly and unexpectedly died at 49 years old. I can vividly remember growing up seeing an exchange of love between my parents and admiring it because he literally never saw my mom. My mother was able to see him but was OK without him being able to physically see her. How did they have such an amazing relationship? It was God…⠀

Fast forward to my marriage and here I am with fear of love because my father didn’t have what I felt he needed to validate his love for me. He couldn’t SEE me. How could he love me? Yes, he called me beautiful and always spoke great things over my life but I didn’t truly believe him because he could not see me. Wow! This blew me away when I pondered on it. I believe this was why I had a hard time believing my husband when he said he loved me and saw me as beautiful. This caused an immense lack of faith in my spiritual walk as well.

Guys, God is requiring this kind of love from us. We cannot SEE him but we can and should love him, despite this. We can feel him, and see him in his creation and through interactions with one another, but not physically. ⠀

Often times we use our senses to validate our love for others but that is not always indicative of love. Love is based on purpose! “Liking” someone or something is based on preference. My father and mother purposed to LOVE one another and this is what kept them together and authentically in love. ⠀

I hope this inspires us all to LOVE God and others the way we should. Let’s practice love y’all! It is true LOVE IS BLIND. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with what we see!! It’s something fueled by PURPOSE and a willingness to please God.

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  1. Melesia Luckey

    That was beautiful thank you for sharing.

    1. simple daphine

      Hey my dear! Thank you

  2. Shelotta Roy

    This was Simply beautiful and exquisite.. God is such and amazing God that he shows us or gives us the wisdom on why we are the way we are.. I appreciate you sharing your beautiful story ❤….

    1. simple daphine

      Hey there beautiful friend! Thank you for your kind words. This is so true. He continues to develop us into the image of his son.

  3. Rachel Marie

    This was such an inspiring read

    1. simple daphine

      Thank you so much for reading my friend. Hope you are well.

  4. Brenda Jacobe

    That was such amazing insight and so profound! Understanding our past can nearly always help us to understand why we are who we are as adults!

    1. simple daphine

      This is so true! Thank you so much

  5. Apostle AH Ross

    I’m so proud of you and your evaluation. God’s blessings and favor be with you and your family!

    1. simple daphine

      You are appreciated

  6. Charmaine Mullings

    Love This ❤️, Thanks for sharing your heart.

    1. simple daphine

      Thank you for reading

  7. Valerie

    Daphine that was absolutely beautiful and so true. May God continue to bless you to share his word. How are you and the family doing?
    Love Sister Valerie Archie

    1. simple daphine

      Hi there beautiful! Miss you so much! We are well. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment for me to hear from you. It means a lot to me. I cherish and value my connection with you. You have been a wonderful example in my life. Hope you and your family is well.

  8. Alice

    Hey Beautiful!! I love your blog!!! ❤️

    1. simple daphine

      Thank you so much! You are appreciated

  9. Sarah Hovley

    Thank you for being vulnerable! I have sadly thought the same thing about my husband’s compliments. Your words have helped me and I am grateful you have pointed me once again to Jesus. ❤️

    1. simple daphine

      Thank you so much for reading! So glad you were blessed

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