When life teaches you a lesson, listen 

When your heart starts confessing, listen

When God’s word opens up to you, listen

When Your flesh has played the fool, listen

When you feel you’ve been deceived, listen

When your spirit takes the lead, listen

When your dreams seem to be delayed, listen

When opportunity seems far away, listen

When what’s right is no longer clear, listen

When your mind is filled with fear, listen

When it’s time to count the cost, listen

When all you’ve gained is lost, listen 

When your character is under attack, listen

When in your spirit, there is a lack, listen

There is something God is trying to say, listen

Incline your ear his way, listen

The answers that you seek, listen

You will find them on your knees, listen

This pain will lead you to his grace, listen

All of your confusion will be erased, listen

Be still and cease from speaking, listen

Keep your hands up and keep reaching, listen

This storm has torn your life apart, listen

But once it passes, you’ll have a new start, listen

Embrace all that you have learned, listen 

May all your suffering be adjourned, listen

If it is God that you long to please, listen

There is only one place you need to be, listen

Stay in the confines of his perfect will, listen

Once again your faith he will build, listen

When his spirit speaks to you, listen 

Do whatever it tells you to, listen

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