Hotel Alessandra #STAYCATION

Hotel Alessandra #STAYCATION

Can I be real with you all? My hubby and I have been so busy with LIFE and everyday obligations that we haven’t been able to spend much time together, and with our 16 year anniversary approaching, we started getting antsy.

When finally catching a free weekend, we ran like the wind to experience a stay at one of Houston’s most prominent hotels, Hotel Alessandra. I was so excited to partner with them to share with my followers our #STAYCATION highlights from this past weekend. I am about to put you ladies on!

Here’s how it went:

When we arrived in Hotel Alessandra, we were met by their graceful and welcoming staff, that immediately took care of our bags and vehicle for us, and then wowed us when they offered us the opportunity to have a complimentary ride downtown in a Maserati! Check-in was a breeze.

As we traveled through the elevator to our room, I couldn’t help but notice the minimalist approach to the hotel’s design accompanied with a good blend of both contemporary and traditional design. Whether I looked to the right or left, up or down, the hotel was filled with intriguing designs and art work.

When the bellman opened the door to our room I was blown away! Hear me when I say this: The restroom was GORGEOUS! The black and white collaboration in the decor was impeccable!

As I preceded to the actual living space in our room, I noticed the bed was carefully made with plush pillows and blankets you’d want to drown in with a signature logo engraved in the decorative pillows on top.

Two beautiful gray robes were hanging for us with a gorgeous couch filled with eclectic throw pillows with fun prints and pops of color to lay on them in!

I continued to walk over to the oversized window anxious to see the view of the Houston skyline that I’d heard so much about, and it did not disappoint.

This place is filled with endless possibilities to create great content for any instagrammer or picture-taking millennial as well as suitable for those that crave luxury architectural design with European flares. I snagged a small photoshoot with my hubby while there.

We were able to lounge around on the fifth floor pool, engulfed by the view of the Houston skyline.

To finish off our night before heading back to our room, we enjoyed the dinner lounge and the food was to die for!

Overall, my hubby and I agree that our experience was one to be remembered and one we PLAN to have again!

When you have the opportunity, take a moment consider staying at the Hotel Alessandra if you’re in Houston for travel or if you’re a local just needing a bit of time away from the hussle and bussle of day to day life. This place is perfection! Definitely on the top of my list of favorites spots in Houston to lodge!

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