Give your Summer a Sizzle with STEM

Give your Summer a Sizzle with STEM

Give your Summer a Sizzle with STEM…..

This blog post is sponsored by iD Tech. All opinions shared are my own.

This Summer may not be sizzling with activities, family vacays, and all the amazing adventures that we are accustomed to due to the current pandemic we are experiencing. That does not have to stop us as parents from making sure our children still have a summer to remember. 

Since school is officially out I found myself searching  for ways to keep my kiddos busy and entertained like many of you. I wanted to make sure that they were still productive but also doing something they really enjoyed. This task was difficult particularly for my middle son, given the current circumstances and having to social distance. We as parents typically look to Summer camps to provide interaction and learning coupled with fun and great memories for our littles. Well that is something we can still provide our kiddos with, even in this trying time. I’ll share how in just a bit. 

You see, Ethan loves to play games on his PlayStation with his friends. That’s what brings him joy. Anyone else can relate to this? Come on mama’s! I know I’m not alone here. As a mother, naturally I worried about “screen time” and felt weary about how much time he spent on his games on a daily basis. 

I was thrilled to learn about iD Tech STEM camp and how they incorporate some of the apps like Roblox and Minecraft that Ethan is already an avid user of. When iD Tech invited  me to partner with their virtual tech camp I was absolutely ecstatic. To hear of all that they offered was even more of an incentive to enroll my son. 

iD Tech online courses are a great way to sharpen his mind and allow him to have fun. I recently learned that iD Tech is the world’s #1 STEM summer camp program for children ages 7-19. Who knew?! 

What’s so awesome is due to the current climate they are now offering full virtual sessions. This is an amazing resource for all of us moms out there wanting to give our kids  something to do that will allow them to be productive and have fun simultaneously!

They offer both online virtual tech camps that run in a group setting and private lessons as well if your child needs a bit more guidance navigating through the camp. You as the parent can choose what better fits your children’s needs. This allows for them to learn how to operate on a schedule and definitely gives them the opportunity to connect with other kids their age and refine their social skills in a safe atmosphere. 

We signed Ethan up for the Roblox Game Design and Monetization camp and let me just say the smile and excitement on his face after the first session made me so happy!! He’s so motivated to learn more and he even has a vision to make money streaming using roblox. He started setting his alarm to get up on his own for camp! This blew me away! He gave us the hardest time trying to get him up for school daily during the school year! They even had a “hat day” and he woke up extra early to be sure and wear his favorite cap. Seeing him take initiative this way gave me immense satisfaction and joy.

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Why STEM Tech?? 

There are so many benefits to STEM guys! These courses can stimulate logical thinking, builds resilience and perseverance and even has the capacity to prepare them for college careers in coding and technology. We can see with the way things are going that technology is a field that will provide a plethora of jobs in the future. Even my daughter was interested when she saw Ethan in one of his sessions. So in essence STEM is for girls too!! I love that my kiddos can enjoy the camp right at home. That’s HUGE with all that’s going on right now with this global pandemic. Keeping my family safe is priority, and so is education and fun learning.

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Ethan is an avid player of Minecraft and Roblox. With iD Tech STEM courses he’s able to increase his skills to build worlds for both, in the comfort of our home. 

What I love most about iD Tech is the fact that the video apps Ethan has already developed a passion for engaging in, such as Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft, can be used to further develop his skills in coding and so much more to prepare him for his college career. 

I no longer worry about how much time Ethan is spending on his tablet or TV playing those games with iD Tech virtual STEM camp now in the equation. He’s so excited and eager to get up and go online to camp every day. I love seeing this and knowing that he’s developing skills to prepare him for a great future possibly in the field of technology.

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If you are looking to give your kiddos a fun learning experience that appeals to them and where they are, give iD Tech a try. They have been established for over 20 years and have almost half a million alumni to speak of their success and contribution to the technology community across the globe. Join today by using my code DAPH125 and experience what all the excitement about iD Tech is all about! Click the link below to sign up now.

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