Family | Joy at Home with Target #TargetPartner

Family | Joy at Home with Target #TargetPartner

It’s officially FALL and I’m excited about IT. Our family just experienced one of the most difficult challenges we ever faced. I know you’ve heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

After the week we just had, I’d like to rephrase that to, “When life gives you lemons, throw a pajama party!” 

So, listen, my family recently fell ill. I mean my entire household was sick. It was awful. After coming out on the other side of this, we decided to do something fun and with the help of my friends at Target, we planned a fun night with the kiddos to celebrate us all feeling better! 

Did you know that Target has everything you need for a super epic night of Fall Family Fun? Yep, that’s right! Fall is officially here so it’s time to cozy up with the fam and spend some quality time indoors with the help of Target’s wonderful selection!

While I was pondering on what we could do to celebrate our victory over being sick, I considered what would make the kiddos smile the most. I have a family of five so we needed to stick with something affordable yet fun. I know we love to blast music in the mornings while cooking breakfast or doing household chores and hot chocolate is something we love to drink during the Fall and Winter months. We also like to snack while watching movies or chatting about our day, so I headed over to Target and picked up a few things to help me get things going! The kids were excited when I shared what I had up my sleeves so I knew this would be a huge hit!! I needed something that would really make this night special. 

For starters who doesn’t love matching family PJs?

I found PJs with lemons on them and y’all they were so comfy and super affordable!! I was able to get them for all five of us for under $75!!

As you can see, the kiddos LOVED the PJs! One win for mom and dad!

The next step was finding worthwhile activities. So, to set the stage, I thought we could listen to some tunes on a vintage turntable and snack on some of our favorite sweets!

The Crosley Voyager Turntable is a vintage-style three-speed turntable that is lightweight and fits into any space.

It has an old-school aesthetic to it, but has all the modern feels as well with a Bluetooth receiver to transmit your digital music wirelessly through the turntable’s stereo speakers. Our kids looooved it.

Spinning tunes and having fun in our lemon print pjs was the highlight of the night. 

Next, we set up a hot cocoa station in the living room with all the fixings! 

I found a Mini Keurig so the kids could enjoy making delicious hot chocolate themselves.

With plush marshmallows, whipped cream and fun sprinkles, they were able to customize their hot cocoa to appease their individual tastebuds during our pajama party.

Jonas and I got to break out our “Mr. and Mrs. Stoneware Mugs! There are so many cute mugs to choose from to fit any personality and to add to your personalized collection.

We also created a little snack table for everyone to enjoy as we laughed and talked the day away.

Target’s Good and Gather has all that you need to have joy at home this Fall season with the people you love! Enjoy the scents, tastes, and colors that make Fall special with Good and Gather products such as the Cashews, Cherries, and Almond with Cocoa Drizzle Fruit, and Nut Bars!

Omg, these are delish! The sea salt veggie straw chips are yum! My ultimate favorite was the Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds. I loooove these, and so did Austin! He kept finding his way to the bag!

Our family had such an amazing time together bringing in the Fall season with goodies from one of our favorite places to shop!

Target has once again been our one-stop-shop to create an epic night of family fun! 

From Uno Cards games to Good and Gather snacks to old school records and record players to custom hot chocolate, the Bush fam had a night to remember.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year is that we must never take life or time with those we love for granted. Enjoy your family! Create lasting memories. Spend moments and time laughing, hugging, singing, and dancing. This will keep JOY circulating in your home and happiness in your heart. If you haven’t spent time recently enjoying your family, I’m encouraging you to do so. Let Target help you out. Check out all the creative options they have for you to create your own Fall memories with those you love! If you did a family fun night at home, what would yours consist of?

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