Back To School Shoe Shopping Experience 2020

Back To School Shoe Shopping Experience 2020

Thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

My children love to go back to school shopping!! That’s the highlight of their summer, it seems. This year is a bit different because so many of us cannot go out and shop like we used to due to our current situation. I wanted to give them the “star” treatment and a sense of normalcy so I decided to take them shoe shopping at one of my favorite places. When we pulled up to Famous Footwear. Jaida and Ethan were so excited! We love that they have the latest brands all in one place, from Puma to Nike to Adidas and soooo many more.

Of course the kids were a bit apprehensive about actually going into a store sense they haven’t really been out and about, over the last few months. It was so good, even for me to see all of the safety precautions that they took to make sure their customers were safe and comfortable.

Stay Safe

When we arrived we saw a sign on the door stating that no one could enter without a mask on. We had ours on so this made us all feel really good about them taking measures to keep us all safe. Also they had a table with hand sanitizer readily available for us to clean our hands before we started shopping. Their friendly staff guided us through the process making sure that the “star” treatment was continued. I see why they call it Famous Footwear!! You really feel famous when you’re treated like that.

Ethan felt so good about his experience he even started dancing in the store in his new “kicks” once he tried them on. It was so good to know that they implemented the social distancing rule there as well. His dance was in the confines of his 6 feet lol. The store was super clean and not overly crowded which further put our hearts at ease.

If the shoe “FITS”

As you can imagine shoe shopping for my older two kids is a bit different than it is to shop for little Austin. Jaida will be a junior this year and Ethan is going to the 7th grade. Whew!!

Can you believe that?!

Their styles have totally changed over the last few years. I used to be able to pick shoes out for them and they loved them. Now they each have their own styles and preferences in brands and designs that suit them.

Ethan is my extrovert! He loves a nice high top that has a good arch in them BUT he also likes a splash in the design. Ethan loves fun colors, unique designs and Nike is one of his favorite brands. It was not surprising that the Nike Precision III BasketBall shoe caught his eye. He was so impressed with the eclectic design of this shoe. This is what solidified his choice.

Decisions, Decisions

There was such a HUGE selection of shoes for them to choose from. That’s why we love shopping at Famous Footwear. It felt good to be able to let them venture out around the store to choose the shoes that were to their liking. I was intrigued by which ones appealed to them. Side note:I loved Jaida’s sneakers so much I think I may have to borrow them like she borrows mine:)

Jaida looked at a few pairs before finally deciding on the Nike Women’s Court Vision sneaker. She likes simplicity with a bit of color. Jaida is my introvert so these shoes definitely reflect her personality, in my opinion. They are simple yet fun and she says they are comfy.

Because they were having a BOGO Sale I was able to get Ethan’s shoes half off. If you have multiple kiddos like me and need more than one pair of shoes, shopping at Famous Footwear is going to bless your whole BTS shopping life!!!

Nike Precision 111 Basketball shoe.

Nike women’s Court Vision low sneakers.

Overall the trip to Famous Footwear  was outstanding. We felt safe and very comfortable shopping in the store because of all of the safety measures taken. The staff was there every step of the way to answer our questions and the experience was seamless and very pleasant. We left happy and they are ready to start the school year off on the GOOD FOOT!

Check out how the kiddos will be styling their shoes when they are able to physically return to school.

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